In this ever-changing universe of workplace setups, you might have heard of or witnessed your entrepreneur friends choosing co-working Spaces as their office.

There need to be several questions in your mind such as” What’s just really a co-working space?” , “How does a Coworking Space Operate and make money”? , “Why should I care about any of this?”


Well, despite popular beliefs, coworking distance is a startup in itself that’s disrupted the current workplace scenario. How it operates and makes money is a lot different than a. Keep reading to find out more.

Smartworks creator, Neetish Sarda & Harsh Binani said,” Chennai is watching a rise in demand for office spaces. This is a huge achievement for people. Chennai is fast emerging as a destination for it, outsourcing, manufacturing, and enterprises, which has led to the entry of global businesses. 

What Exactly Is Coworking Space?

Co-working distance is a business service supply model that allows teams and individuals to work independently or collaboratively in a shared workplace. Though it’s a shared office space, a distance that is co-working has an environment that simulates the environment.


Aside from being a shared office space, co-working spaces also function as a location to keep relevant seminars, workshops, and a lot more.

The Way Co-working Space Makes Currency?

Contrary to other office spaces, the co-working space industry design is a bit different. There is A space a startup in itself that’s disrupted the present market scenario. It makes money in the form of rents but also has widened its branches into additional revenue sources for example memberships and partnerships.


1. Renting Out Any Office Infrastructure

Just like a normal workplace, coworking space has specified several workstations which it rents to teams and individuals. This renting the workstations out acts as the key source of revenue for spaces.


Aside from the dedicated workstations, lots of coworking spaces provide dedicated cottages for rents too. Where they provide an à la carte solutions for their 20, many of them also provide a flexible rent option.

2. Renting Out Space

Most coworking spaces with open hallways and meeting rooms also rent these spaces out for events like conferences, seminars, training classes, etc..


They charge a commission that’s minimal when compared to additional resource-intensive alternatives and also provides sufficient facilities to sponsor such events.

Virtual Offices

Some coworking spaces also add virtual offices offering for their business design. A virtual office is a working speech which the company uses for emails and listings and bundles, as the team works from your home.


A virtual office is now a blessing for entrepreneurs that want to work out of your home but want a dedicated premium seeming speech for their startup.


Since there’s plenty of diversity in terms of types of businesses, labor structure, and employees in coworking spaces, some B2B organizations usually use these spaces for promotional activities.


Even workshops or training that is running at a co-working space function as a means of boosting a solution and eventually become a source of revenue.

Premium Membership

Every item venture at a certain point in time will introduce facilities and features which can be availed by paying a few amounts. Premium membership is a one time fee usually charged and gives access to marquee facilities. Loyalty is also ensured by this form of revenue generation.



As there are a plethora of tasks that are increasingly being done under one roof, it becomes easier for both the members and investors to reach the other person.


Strategic tie-ups with angel investors or venture capitalists contribute to an increase in revenue and popularity among the masses. Co-working distances serve to be a medium that is easy to connect investors and bill a little commission or fee for the same.

Why Have Coworking Spaces Grown So Popular?

Co-working spaces provide a cheap option for budding ventures. You can book a room to get a group of two people or an entire floor to get a medium scale enterprise and pay nominal fees.


Even after being a more affordable alternative, coworking space still has the best resources for the community.

Benefits Of Coworking Spaces

Zero Capital Investment

The biggest benefit of all co-working spaces is that entrepreneurs don’t have to shed their pockets or look for investors to invest in offices before the product is published or the true business is set up.



Working from home has a large number of distractions like TV, pets, bed, and family, and also such constant distractions reduce productivity.


Keeping a very clear distinction between work and home makes it possible for an individual to retain the arrangement in their own life, also offers all the more reason to get out of the comforts of their residence and work in an office-like atmosphere.


Since coworking distance attracts individuals from diverse background, it gives you the chance to work with people vastly different skillsets and also gain a new perspective about methods to a problem of course, if you’re in a more co-working space that has more professionals aligned with the interest you can come with a book solution.



As a budding entrepreneur, it’s impossible to establish a fully operational office as you may be investing the seed funding in hiring the best gift to help your venture grow.


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